Hi fellow roboticists! My name is Slade.

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Hi fellow roboticists! My name is Slade.

Postby slade » Sat Sep 20, 2014 9:42 am

Hi there!

My name is Slade Maurer and for most of my life I've been building robots. I am a MSEE and currently am an Engineering Director at http://www.altschool.com.

I came across the RoboPi after a friend and fellow hacker "d2rk" showed it to me as a way to leap frog development of the Dollybot we are building this time around. It has really saved us a ton of time and effort. Thanks so much!

The Dollybot is a robot that can carry a camera and uses a Markov Decision Process to autonomously operate the camera in lieu of renting a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camera_dolly and operator to reduce the head count required to shoot documentary films. Another friend of mine like to create documentaries and needs to reduce the total cost to something easier for him to afford. This is an open source project and we are using our own Bionic Bunny operating system (http://www.bionicbunny.org/) to do it.

I am excited about this new Mikronauts community! I am interested in anything to do with robotics, education and/or alternative energy and hope to make new friends with similar passions.

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