Pi Droid Alpha for Raspberry Pi FAQ

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Pi Droid Alpha for Raspberry Pi FAQ

Postby mikronauts » Sun Jul 05, 2015 3:52 pm

This forum is for discussion about Pi Droid Alpha, Mikronauts educational robot controller for the Raspberry Pi.

Pi Droid Alpha features 24 digital I/O's, 8 analog inputs, and a dual h-bridge motor driver.

Eight of the digital I/O's can be independently configured to provide

- digital input
- digital output
- pwm output
- servo output

Sixteen additional digital I/O's are provided that can be configured as

- digital input
- digital output

There are also eight analog inputs with 10 bit precision.

Pi Droid Alpha can be programmed with the standard Raspberry Pi I/O libraries such as:

Servo Blaster

Please post your questions about using Pi Droid Alpha with a Raspberry Pi in this forum.

For more complete details about Pi Droid Alpha, including documentation and example code, please see the Pi Droid Alpha product page:


For more details about the Raspberry Pi, please see:


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