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Re: RoboPi with Raspberry Pi FAQ

Postby mikronauts » Fri Feb 06, 2015 2:41 pm

Hi David,

I have RoboPi working fine with my ODROID-C1's just fine :-)

It will likely work with any ARM board that supports 3.3V I/O, specifically it needs an RX, TX and one GPIO to reset the Prop.

On a 1.8V GPIO ARM board, the TX from the Prop should be put through a voltage divider to produce a 1.8V signal for the ARM

The propellers RX should work with a 1.8V TX from an ARM

Resetting the prop may be an issue, as /RST is pulled up to 3v3 on RoboPi, however placing a 2k4-4k7 resistor may be enough protection for the GPIO (but I cannot guarantee it) use a transistor to be safe.


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