Pi Jumper with Raspberry Pi FAQ

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Pi Jumper with Raspberry Pi FAQ

Postby mikronauts » Wed Sep 17, 2014 8:47 am

[b]This forum is for discussing using Mikronauts Pi Jumper and Pi Jumper Plus with the Raspberry Pi.[/b]

Pi Jumper features:

- 2x13 pin stacking header (not available with Pi Jumper Plus)
- On-board voltage regulation providing 3.3V from the 5V on the Pi header
- LED power indicator
- four pin 3.3V I2C expansion header
- four pin 5V I2C expansion header with voltage translation
- 20 pin male header, and 20 pin round female header
- three screw terminals for 5V / 3v3 / GND

Pi Jumper Plus features

- 26 pin IDC cable so you can plug Pi Jumper into a breadboard
- 2x13 standard female header (instead of stacking header supplied with Pi Jumper)

Please see the Pi Jumper product page for details at:


Pi Jumper:


Pi Jumper Plus:

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